The association was founded in 1990 and in 1997 became a Company Limited by Guarantee.

It currently has 32 full members and 3 associate members. The Association represents a large proportion of the chemical manufacturers and chemical services companies involved in the supply and application of chemicals to Oil and Gas Operations in Europe.

The primary function is to act as a focus of interest and concern on issues relating to Environmental and Safety Regulation. To this end it is recognised by government and operators as a first point of contact for chemical issues and is a fully recognised NGO within the OSPAR framework. It has the intention of acting as a lobbying group with regulatory and governmental bodies. It should be noted however that EOSCA will not intentionally take any action which may be detrimental to any of its members.

EOSCA provides an opportunity for members to network with Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs professionals in the field of Oilfield Chemicals.

The Association runs four full meetings during the course of the year including its AGM in December. EOSCA is a limited company without share capital. The Management of the Association at present comprises the Board of Directors (3 current committee members) and the Management committee, 7 current members plus the Executive Secretary. The Association employs NIKAM Consulting Limited. to carry out the Executive Secretary function to cover Association business in regular cross industry /government meetings, act as a first point of contact to members, regulatory bodies and greater industry.

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